Very important levels to watch for Cardano and the upcoming 6 Altcoins, according to crypto trader Michaël van de Poppe.

Highly followed trader and crypto strategist Michaël van de Poppe explains the main price points in Cardano and six low-priced altcoins for strong bullish persistence. In a new storm of tweets, the analyst tells his 275,400 followers that Cardano is ready to push about 50% profit against Bitcoin (ADA / BTC) from the current value of 0.000023 to the target of 0.000034 as long as emergency support ceases. "This should contain this little green block around 2,200 satoshi (0.000022). When this happens, the trend continues. Source: Van de Poppe / Twitter Another currency on Van de Poppe's radar is from the current 0.000042 to Bitcoin (ICX / ICX /). BTC) is the hybrid blockchain platform ICON, which he says has the potential to explode over 130% against. When this happens, I expect a retest of 5,600 (0.000056) and 9,700 satoshi (0.000097). ”Source: Van de Poppe / Twitter The following is the Zilliqa high-speed blockchain. According to Van de Poppe, ZIL / BTC is in a strong uptrend and He expects the pair to gain almost 40% from its current price of 0.00000364. "Nothing to worry about. Still an uptrend with highs and lows. Plus: The 100-day, 200-day moving average is below us. Probably continues at 500 satoshi (0.000005). Source: Van de Poppe / Twitter The fourth coin on Van de Poppe's list is the Internet-scale Elrond blockchain. and it says it needs to be at a key level to gain more than 50% from the current value, which is 0.0033. "The lower timeframe, I would like it to be greater than [0.0028]. In such a case, prosecution is likely. Source: Van de Poppe / Twitter Number five is not the right card as the banknote trader switched to Pundi blockchain-based point-of-sale solution X. PUNDIX, which the banknote trader likely melted down for the next step against Tether (PUNDIX / USDT), but why FOMO ' indicates that you should avoid (fear of missing) Everyone wanted to buy worms

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