Verizon Offering Customers Free Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass

Verizon customers can rejoice today as those on an unlimited plan can now enjoy the benefits of Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade, depending on which device they use.

Get Free Mobile Gaming With Verizon

As confirmed in a news article, some of the wireless service’s customers can now benefit from free mobile gaming via either Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade.

The only catch is that you need to be an unlimited plan customer to qualify. If you don’t already have one, they start at around $35 a month, and you can sign up directly with Verizon.

According to the announcement:

Starting May 25, new and existing customers get six months of Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass, ($4.99/mo. value) on us with any unlimited plan or 12 months on us with “Play More” or “Get More” plans.

So, you can either get six months or 12 months of free mobile gaming and can make use of Verizon’s powerful 5G Ultra Wideband network to ensure you stay on top of your Call of Duty: Mobile game. Because nobody likes to see lag on Nuketown ’84.

What Are Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass?

Both Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass are mobile gaming services which offer a range of titles to the respective device owners. Both are subscription services and usually carry a $4.99/month fee.

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Apple Arcade currently offers its subscribers around 180 games, most of which you can play on the full gamut of Apple devices. You don’t have to play on an iPhone, basically. You can also play on your Mac or iPad.

Likewise, Google Play Pass offers mobile gaming across Android products. However, it has a significantly larger library of games than Apple Arcade, with the number of titles available surpassing the 800-mark.

Who Can Get the Free Mobile Gaming Passes?

Well, obviously you’ll need to be a Verizon customer before you ask for free games! Of course, if you already are, then you’ll need to be on an unlimited account in order to qualify.

However, don’t forget you can share both Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass access with up to five other people, meaning that they don’t need to be Verizon customers. Apple customers can do this via Apple Family Sharing, while Android users can do it with a Google One Family plan.

Now You Can Enjoy Free Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass

If you’re a Verizon unlimited customer, then what are you waiting for? An entire world of mobile gaming is within your grasp. Now grab your mobile controller and get playing!


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