Veriblock announces attempt to recycle Bitcoin energy consumption by securing Dogecoin

On Wednesday, Project Veriblock, a blockchain using Proof of Evidence (PoP) consensus implementation, announced an attempt to secure the Dogecoin blockchain with Bitcoin. The Veriblock Foundation believes the effort contradicts the hostile “ Blood Bitcoin '' narrative about recent environmental concerns regarding Proof of Work (PoW). Veriblock To Secure Dogecoin Through Bitcoin's PoP and PoW The Veriblock Foundation, a nonprofit established to support the adoption of Veriblock's PoP consensus algorithm, announced a new initiative dedicated to ensuring the security of the Dogecoin network. Currently, Veriblock developers are in the process of integrating PoP into the Dogecoin codebase and aiming to launch an open source beta to the Dogecoin community for testing and comment soon. Additionally, the Veriblock team will launch a 51% attack on Dogecoin's PoP-compliant version to demonstrate the benefits of this technology. Veriblock Co-Founder and CTO Maxwell Sanchez discussed the benefits of the organization's PoP technology and how to get the most out of the BTC network's PoW. “Bitcoin has recently been criticized by the public for the huge carbon footprint of the Proof-of-Work mining protocol,” Sanchez said. Veriblock reuses Bitcoin's mining power to secure global blockchains, reducing the environmental cost per transaction to levels well below traditional financial systems, while Bitcoin can easily meet the demands of many Fortune 500 companies interested in technology. blockchain, ”Sanchez said. . The Veriblock official added: Because Bitcoin is best exploited by technologies such as proof-of-evidence, it has the potential to be the most efficient and secure financial platform in the world, while providing solutions to beyond-funds to prevent police corruption. fight, enforce digital property rights, and more. We hope our work can help you understand Bitcoin's potential as a security.

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