VeChain proves the true value of blockchain

VeChain’s service and blockchain business model emphasizes the importance of blockchain in the supply chain process.
Blockchain is an immutable asset for the medical industry that increases the reliability of products and data.
VeChain has proven that industries can improve data accountability through blockchain integration.
Confidence in Blockchain technology is no longer just a desire, but an achievable goal.

Blockchain is ready to review how users and companies trust each other. Traditionally, down to the transparency of the blockchain, the integrity of the company has been promised by the companies themselves so that users can briefly check their records. Blockchain’s invariance balances trust by creating immutable verifiable data. VeChain provided a DLT layer, covid-19 vaccine verification technology, to strengthen data ownership to help optimize business processes. 

San Marino adds VeChain for unchanged vaccination data.

VeChain, along with DNV, a leading data security company, plans to use blockchain technology to support digital immunisation passports for San Marino residents. In a press release, it was announced that the” San Marino Covid digital certificate ” would be released as the enterprise irrevocable token (eNFT).

The certificate contains two QR codes. The first complies with EU rules, while the second QR code allows verification of data outside Europe and directs users to a website containing verifiable enft data. In October, the certificate contains information on vaccination, infection and current data from the covid-19 Test.

The integration of blockchain has helped companies maintain data integrity. Hedera Hashgraph has previously helped hospitals regulate vaccines. Similarly, VeChain partnered with the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus to support a blockchain-based NFC card to monitor immunization nurses.


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