Value Networks Binary Options On Qtum Blockchain Grows 200X On DeFi

Decentralized finance continues to surprise with records as more and more platforms are successful in this space. The decentralized binary options platform and Exchange Value Network entered the DeFi zone and achieved unprecedented success in two days. Binary options, reinvented using blockchain technology, seem to be given to new users. The MVP product on the Qtum blockchain was presented by the UN team. This news led to an unprecedented increase in volume in VNTW token trading in a single day – because it stole the show on Uniswap! The VNTW exchange rate rose more than 200 times from $ 0.011 to $ 2.3. Second chance can make a big difference, as evidenced by the recent success of the Value Networks project. Originally created by Artem Levin in 2018, BM was originally created as a crypto lending platform on Ethereum smart contracts. After realizing the potential of the emerging DeFi space, the project was relaunched in September 2020 and with a new development vector, it finally managed to catch the attention of the cryptocurrency public. Value Network offers decentralized binary options, P2P bets, and price oracles. The team aims to solve the main problems of the binary options market. By betting against each other on the Ethereum blockchain, unlike 99% of fiat platforms, it allows users to compete without any conflict of interest. Additionally, the UI interfaces have been specially developed to provide an engaging user journey that results in a different experience compared to other current blockchain prediction markets. Users can also monitor the bet exchange price depending on the probability of the outcome and change their bets at any time for an additional fee. The VNTW token is the heart of the Value Network platform, which plays a vital role in the ecosystem. It reduces trading commissions by providing access to private markets. Token, new markets, staking and h Read more

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