Vaar Haat Jack Dorsey Ethereum?

“Jack hates ETH,” one of his decoding jokes wrote in our loose Workspace last night. It comes just after Twitter boss Jack Dorsey tweeted his” indirect ” endorsement of the Twitter October, which helped people get rid of the Twitter filter bubble by rearranging their lists:

I used @getvicarious to create and sync a list of all the accounts I follow, set this list in reverse order, decommissioned and pinned it to “last” and now I can quickly switch between all tweets with sorted (algorithm)

(inspired by the team’s idea)

– Jack (@jack) August 12, 2021


A seemingly random screenshot of Dorsey showed who was following him on his own Twitter-Maxi bitcoin list called @notgrbles. And @ notgrubles said some very bad things about Ethereum! 

There is no coincidence.
Perhaps it was a coincidence to beat the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency? No. “No coincidence,” Zen Dorsey explains 45 minutes later.

Bitcoin Maxi Jack Dorsey rejects ETH despite Twitter using Ethereum
What Dorsey likes bitcoin isn’t exactly news. He said he was working to make bitcoin “the local currency for the internet.””But he also stated that he has not officially invested in Ethereum-no matter that a collection of unalterable tokens backed by ethereum appeared on Twitter a few months ago.  (What did eth get by selling its first tweet as NFT? He immediately converted the money into BTC and donated it to charities.)

Increasingly, Dorsey seems to be expressing a growing disdain for Ethereum.

Ethereum anti-Twitter
So Why Does Jack hate Ethereum?”

I think it’s the opposite: Ethereum hates Jack.

I’m not talking about Jack Dorsey. Dorsey is clearly one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, and I am sure from everything I have read, he is a person of great heart and care who wants to succeed in the world and leave him in a better place than he has found himself. It’s all one of them.

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