US state approves decision praising Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin

The US state of Louisiana has made a decision to congratulate bitcoin on its success and congratulate counterfeit cryptocurrency creator Satoshi Nakamoto on his "contribution to economic security." State Decision Recognizing Satoshi and Bitcoin The Louisiana House of Representatives's resolution titled "Bitcoin Price and Cryptocurrency Industry" by Representative Mark Wright was recorded and signed by the Speaker of the House. House Resolution 33 (HR 33) reads: The decision to congratulate Bitcoin as the first decentralized $ 1 trillion asset and encourage state and local governments to think of ways to help them take advantage of the increased use of this new technology. The decision explains various aspects of bitcoin, starting with its creation "by fake author Satoshi Nakamoto" in 2008. The article stating that the cryptocurrency "can replace gold as a monetary reserve" emphasizes that the supply of bitcoin is limited, emphasizing that it is "completely decentralized" and allows secure transactions without the need for a "trusted third party". It also proved, "Bitcoin has not only proved to be an essential tool for businesses, but also an important tool for citizens around the world to protect themselves from currency devaluation." The decision mentions Moxey, a non-bitcoin cryptocurrency that he describes as "his own digital currency community invented in Louisiana". The website says, “Moxey is a community of thousands of business owners who support each other and most importantly, can buy and sell with each other without spending any money. Instead, they use their own community currencies; Moxey dollar. As a result, Louisiana Assembly Resolution 33: The Legislature The Louisiana House of Representatives congratulates Satoshi Nakamoto on his contribution to economic security.

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