Us mayor says Bitcoin will continue to grow as Fed keeps printing more dollars

The mayor of the American city of Jackson, Tennessee, explains that the price of bitcoin will continue to rise as the Fed continues to print money. He believes bitcoin is “definitely a future monetary system””

Mayor says bitcoin price will continue to rise as Fed keeps printing money
Scott Conger, the mayor of the American city of Jackson, Tennessee, commented on the price of bitcoin on Saturday because of the Fed’s policy of printing money. He wrote:

As the feds continue to print more U.S. dollars, the program will continue to grow. Bitcoin may exist, but it is certainly a future currency system, and after the age of 21 it no longer exists.

The BTC’s price was $ 49,626,81 when the mayor tweeted. At the time of writing, the price of the cryptocurrency was $ 49 775.13, after exceeding $ 50k on Monday morning. in April, News reported that Mayor Conger was examining wage conversion for city employees and the addition of BTC Bitcoin mining to the city’s balance sheet.

In July, he tweeted that the city’s Blockchain Task Force was examining how the city could “accept property tax payments in bitcoin and allow our employees to receive DCA in bitcoin.”

He also spoke several times about inflation, saying “Let’s not put up with inflation and rising carbon dioxide emissions.”

Mayor Conger is one of the few mayors in the US to talk about running bitcoin for their respective cities. Mayor Francis Suarez has also tried to turn Miami, Florida, into a bitcoin hub. Last week, Mayor Jason Stewart of cool Valley, Missouri, said he was raising money to give every resident of his city $ 1,000 to BTC.

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