Upland Celebrates 1 Million NFT Property Printed on Metaverse

Upland has reached a significant milestone in their platform and for the NFT environment as a whole. Users of Upland, one of the fastest growing digital metaverses in the world, have recently reached the one millionth NFT feature on the platform. Shortly after appearing on CBS/Paramount Plus' 60 Minutes+, real estate metaverse Upland reached a record-breaking milestone, surpassing more than one million NFT properties in print in just 18 months since its inception. Upland is one of the fastest growing blockchain games in the world, with an active community of tens of thousands of daily active players who exchange properties and increase their net worth. The millionth NFT property was officially published on June 15. Upland is an NFT metadatabase mapped to real world addresses where people around the world can buy, sell and trade virtual properties. Cities living in Upland include San Francisco, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Fresno, Oakland, Bakersfield, Staten Island, and most recently Chicago, with Cleveland launching just around the corner, so it can be played by anyone from anywhere in the world. Every property in the Upland metadatabase is an immutable token on the EOS blockchain, giving users true ownership of their property. The game's user base has grown rapidly in its in-game net worth, turning features left and right. Players have seen incredible returns after putting some time and strategy into their real estate investments. When asked how the net worth of players has changed over time, a player named BEN68 replied, "From 4,000 UPX when I started in January 2020 to 64.5 million UPX in June 2021", representing a staggering 1,612,400% increase in strength. it did! Another Uplander, GreenTurtle, reported that he invested only $5 in the platform and made a profit of over 000,000%. It's not uncommon to see stories like this in the metaverse as the number of players and cities continues to grow rapidly. 1,000 UPX equals 1 USD and wi

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