Unrealistic IDO; unlocking liquidity, ensuring financial freedom

With the remarkable announcement that Coinbase – a reliable cryptocurrency exchange-will add $ 500 million in various cryptocurrencies to its balance, and bitcoin will approach $ 50 thousand, many analysts say the bull market is still in full swing. This is great news for projects that have not yet begun and people who have not yet achieved their financial goals. And if the good news comes after three, the upcoming Ido of the Unreal Finance ugt management token could be a success.

This is because Unreal allows those who have not yet achieved their financial goals to do so, allowing users to tag their future earnings and instantly unlock liquidity that was previously unavailable. This unreal innovation could not have come about at the best of times when ordinary investors had enough time to invest their illiquid capital in working for themselves, and ultimately achieved the financial freedom many had avoided.

Financial freedom: is this just an impossible dream?
While financial freedom and getting rid of mercenary slavery may seem like an impossible dream, financial instruments such as unreal ones lie that people use their money to work for themselves, not the other way around!

In January, the popular crypto personality tweeted “book status,” about the flow of capital and the speed at which decentralized finance develops, and how this will lead to many of them retiring early.


Just a few short months later, the number of similar messages from Smart trades is growing. And with products like Unreal that allow users to profit from distributed assets so that they can enjoy any benefits their income can offer, the trend is more likely to not continue.

But can this happen to me?
Those who are not yet “ears off at Defi” may feel they have arrived at their financial targets too late, but in reality decentralised finances are still in their infancy. Many products, such as Unreal, have yet to be released, not to mention bringing them to the limits for maximum return on investment.

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