Uniswap’s growth pushes Defi to 3 million users

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) have become an important part of crypto infrastructure. Although they vary in size and implementation, most are trying to decimate intermediaries and create a truly peer-to-peer platform for cryptocurrency trading.

Its popularity in the crypto community-at least speculative jungle-cannot be decidedly ignored either.

Of the total 3,090,721 cryptoadres interacting with leading Defi projects, three of the best protocols are dEXes or DeX aggregators.

For context, this year represents an increase of 160% since January 1. It had more than 1 million users at the time.

Total Defi users from January 2018 to present. Source: Dune Analytics
There are four important protocols that promote this growth. These consist of uniswap (~2.5 million registered users), link (326,487 users, 1 inch change 276,254 users) and SushiSwap (198,618).

For inexperienced users a link to popular for borrowing and lending Service Commission, 1-inch collector Stock Exchange various cryptographic protocols (e.g. Uniswap SushiSwap sellers used to offer and your best bet, and SushiSwap-this is almost the same range Uniswap.

Uniswap takes lead role
However, Uniswap clearly leads the pack and hosts more than 80% of all Defi users.

And the Sunday share of all DeX platforms is 63.8%. Sushiswap, the closest second place, with a Sunday share of 9.6%.

Source: Dune Analytics
In terms of 24-hour volume, Uniswap is also flush with Central rivals in the FTX and hack during print. In August 2020, DEX even surpassed Coinbase Pro, one of the leading exchanges on the same indicator.

Something new is being prepared in sushisvapa 
While these values can change rapidly, the data paints an interesting picture of where crypto traders conduct most of their business.

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