Uniswap, MATİC prijs analizi: 12 Temmuz 2021

Uniswap is backing critical support at 20 SMA in the face of a fight to prevent further falls below $ 100.
Matic’s price could drop to $ 0.73 as overhead pressure continues to drop below $ 1.

Trading on the cryptocurrency market this week appears to be on the decline after buyers lost steam across the board. Bitcoin offered a price of $ 40,000 but lost momentum at $ 34,500. At the time of writing, BTC was trading at just over $ 33,000 after a 4% loss in 24 hours. The rest of the market is in the red zone with significant single-digit losses.

The Uniswap price was adjusted according to the increased parallel bottom edge support model. Also, the day’s close below $ 20 gave a fresh look at how the week’s trading could continue.

Provides support for instant recording of 50 Simple Moving Averages (SMA) on a four-hour chart. Uniswap is trading at $ 19.5, but the fall could extend its leg further if the short-term anchor collapses.

According to the Moving Average Convergence deviation indicator (MACD), Uniswap will certainly continue to fall in the near term. The technical instrument has a bright drop signal focused on the 12-day EMA closing one day above the 26-day EMA. Keep in mind that a $ 18 and $ 15 set of receivers will come in handy if the Bulls are pressed.

Four-hour uni / USD chart

Uni / USD price chart from Tradingview
Polygon is starting another chapter, only this time dropping below $ 1. After forming the falling triangle pattern, MATIC is accelerating to $ 0.73 (near may support zone) for a 28% drop.

Meanwhile, the coin is hovering at $ 0.99 after losing critical support at $ 1 and risks a big deceleration. The passage of the bear moving average indicates that the slightest path of resistance is downward. In October, the MACD has a small drop signal based on the four-hour chart.

Four-hour Matic / USD chart

MATIC / USD price chart from Tradingview
It is worth noting that the downgrade estimate would be invalid if support was restored from $ 1

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