Uniswap bid causes withdrawal after grant recipients cut UNI tokens by $ 10 million

The team behind the Defi Education Foundation, a recently approved grant offer on the uniswap management platform, today announced it has sold half of its 1 million uni tokens—just over $ 10 million raised from the platform’s coffers.

Defi Education Fund sold 500 thousand uni OTC today. For approval on the chain, and there was a rate of 20.4 per ounce for the price of 19.52 ATM) https://t.co/uKfRyl9s9n pic.twitter.com/coKO1eexQh

state.ETH (@statelayer) July 13, 2021

Data from the Etherscan block explorer confirms the sale. The ethereum address associated with the ultimate Education Fund currently includes a usdc of about $ 10.2 million, a stable dollar-tied coin, and $ 9.8 million in Simple Tokens, UNISWAP’s own token.

Meanwhile, many users suspect it is a decriminalisation. 

Some soon pointed out that fund investors had initially promised that the funds “would be distributed over the next 4-5 years, so it would not have the same effect as sales of 1 million units,”but that they had sold half of the crypto cache.shortly after receiving it.

“Extends for 4-5 years.”.. sells for almost half pic.twitter.com/kiuXVyIhFg

– BBOBOP (@BEBOP98) July 13, 2021

The price of Uni has fallen nearly 8% in the last 24 hours. That’s an $ 18.75 hand change in the press.

What is the Defi Education Foundation?
The Defi Education Foundation, founded by a student organization called the Harvard Law Blockchain & FinTech Initiative (Harvardlawbfi), first appeared in late May, but has been positioned as Defi’s “political Defense”Fund. 

The organization initially proposed allocating a budget of 1-1.5 million uni tokens (worth $ 25-40 million at the time) from the uniswap Treasury to recruit “influential lawyers, lobbyists and organizers” who would protect the best interests of the Defi.

Uniswap community offers $ 40 million to lobbying organization
However, to go further, the proposal had to receive enough votes from uni token holders. 

This is because, in addition to price October, the UN

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