Ukrainian public radio broadcasts a podcast with an episode on Bitcoin

In an effort to expand and diversify its audience, Ukrainian public radio recently entered the podcast world. Audiences are invited to choose from a variety of topics and genres. A personal financial management and financial literacy podcast begins with an episode on Bitcoin. New radio programs The National Public Broadcasting Corporation of Ukraine (NSTU), which will attract listeners to discuss everything from Crimea to cryptography, has launched several podcasts to improve radio stations, Ukrainian Radio, Radio Kultura and Radio Promin. support. It also hopes to properly present its audience exclusive content, including new projects such as documentaries and conversations with interesting guests. Dmytro Khorkin, NSTU board member responsible for radio programming, explains: For NSTU radio stations, podcasts are an additional opportunity to reach audiences consuming audio content through digital platforms. It was created and launched in collaboration with the Digital Platforms department. Podcasts are available online at Soundcloud, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Anchor. The programs cover a variety of social, economic and political issues that produce everything from historical audio-documentaries about the Chernobyl disaster and crisis of the 1990s to studio discussions of contemporary challenges such as widespread corruption and political struggle for rights in modern Ukraine. Militants in Crimea annexed by Russia. "100K" Podcast Answers Questions About Cryptocurrencies Earning, spending and regaining more money is the main question that a podcast titled "100K" aims to answer. The authors of the program, led by Ukrainian radio host Roman Kolyada, want to help you learn how to plan your budget, save wisely and increase your money with smart investments. The main aim of the project is to improve financial literacy of Ukrainians and possibly

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