Ukraine shuts down cryptocurrency changers who send money to Russian wallets

The Ukrainian security service (SBU) has shut down a number of “secret” crypto-changers in Kiev. The platforms make one million dollars in sales each month and send money to digital wallets managed by Russian payment providers, officials said.

Police arrest cryptocurrency changers in Ukraine
Ukraine’s chief law enforcement officers, SBU employees, blocked an underground network of cryptocurrency exchangers operating out of the capital, Kiev. According to the announcement, online platforms Process 30 million Ukrainian Hryvnia (more than $ 1 million) per month this year.

The exchange allowed anonymous payment and withdrawals. Its services were mostly used by individuals who took money into their e-wallets, which were issued by Russian payment service providers such as Yandex.Money, Qiwi and Webmoney are banned in Ukraine.

Some of the money, according to the sbu, was used to fund provocations on the eve of Ukrainian Independence Day, 1 August. 24. The security service thinks organizers are getting funding through these changes to pay participants in protests. Agency detail:

The network has been operating since early 2021. During this time he served more than 1000 “clients”.

In the address Pechersk, Kiev Shevchenko SBU seized during raids employees and five solomensk made in areas computer and server equipment, mobile phones and mobile terminals registered persons of fraudulent documents from the geographical location of Ukrainian and foreign cash, the equivalent of 1 million Hryvnia (US $ 37 000).

Source: SBU
The operators of the site decried a commission of between 5% and 10% of the transferred amounts, added the Ukrainian Security Service. The investigation continues to identify illegal conduct related to the activities of the network and the persons involved, including documents, funds; and

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