Twitter’s Clubhouse competitor Spaces finally comes to the web

You’ll still have to use the Twitter mobile app to join a Space.

What you need to know

Twitter’s Clubhouse-like ‘Spaces’ is now available on the web.
While you can now join Spaces from a mobile or desktop browser, you won’t be able to host one yourself.
Until now, users could join Spaces only using the Twitter mobile app on iOS and Android.

Twitter’s Clubhouse-like ‘Spaces’ feature has finally made its way to the web. Users can now join a Space from any desktop browser or the best Android browsers.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for users to host Spaces from Twitter for web. If you want to host a Space, you’ll have to use Twitter’s Android or iOS app instead. However, you can set reminders to join a scheduled Space and try out the new transcription design.

Spaces are making their way to Twitter for web!

Now you can join a Space to listen in, test out the new transcription design, and set reminders to join a scheduled Space.
— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) May 26, 2021
When the feature was first launched in December last year, the ability to host Spaces was limited to a select few. Earlier this month, Twitter finally rolled out the ability to host Spaces for all accounts with 600 or more followers.

The company also previewed its Ticketed Spaces feature recently, which will enable users to host paid live audio rooms. Twitter plans to begin rolling out Ticketed Spaces to users in the U.S. sometime in the next couple of weeks. The feature will be limited to users with at least 1,000 followers.

While Spaces’ momentum continues to grow, Clubhouse is slowly starting to lose steam. Despite being the first to introduce the concept of an audio-only social networking platform, Clubhouse’s decision to focus solely on iOS users hasn’t worked in its favor.

After being exclusive to iOS for more than a year, Clubhouse finally arrived on Android two weeks back. What’s more, the app still continues to be invite-only. As we reported earlier this week, many experts believe the app’s staggered rollout is likely to affect the success of the platform.


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