Twitter’da elon musk pompalar Dogecoin maar niet Bitcoin: Onderzoek

Since joining the conversation about crypto, Tesla CEO Elon musk has had a big impact on the Sunday movement. However, new evidence suggests that this effect is not always positive, especially when it comes to bitcoin. 

In its latest report, data aggregator site The Tie and trading platform eToro compared how the tweets of Michael Sailor, CEO of mask and MicroStrategy, affect the price of bitcoin and Dogecoin when tweeting about each asset.

The analysis revealed three phenomena: average return per Tweet, tweet volume per Tweet, and investor sentiment after each tweet.  

Elon musk: is it good for bitcoin?
Surprisingly, mask’s tweets about bitcoin averaged negative returns of 1.6%. However, Saylor’s tweets were slightly more bullish, averaging a 0.6% return.

Bitcoin is my stop word

– Elon musk (@elonmusk) December 20, 2020

It also appears that the Tesla division has a much stronger influence on Dogecoin. Crypto investors have also been drawn to musk securities for some time. In April, he tweeted an abstract painting by Spanish artist Joan Miró and the phrase “Doge barks at the Moon.”& quot;

The encrypted message pushed Dogecoin to a new peak of $ 0.18 at the time. 

Average return per Tweet from both CEOs. source: the TIE
Of course, musk expressed different feelings about Dogecoin and Bitcoin in his tweets. For example, his comments on bitcoin mining energy, which is higher than in mid-sized countries, and the announcement that Tesla will no longer accept bitcoin for purchases, led to falls of 11.8% and 13.4%, respectively. 

Bitcoins (aka mining) mixed energy consumption begins to exceed energy consumption in medium-sized countries. It is almost impossible for small hashers to succeed without this great economy of scale.

– Elon musk (@elonmusk)May 20, 2021

That, however, is the only statistic Musk has tracked Saylor’s social media activity. In examining investor sentiment after Bitcoin tweets, Musk has

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