Twitter reageert op Dogecoin medeoprichter verbasingwekkende rant vs kripto

After a deafening silence, dogecoin co-author Jackson Palmer came out against cryptocurrency, calling them accurate and hypercapitalist technology. 

Palmer was asked if he would one day return to cryptocurrency, and the boom is seen as the answer to those questions.

Storm on Twitter
In a series of tweets in which Palmer couldn’t find a word to share what he thought of cryptocurrency, he described it as a hypercapitalist and inherently accurate technology and described it as a tool for crypto advocates.bolstering their wealth through a combination of funds such as regulatory oversight, tax evasion and decimating artificial deficits.

He also noted that it resembled the current centralized financial system in which the cryptocurrency industry has been replaced, and criticized claims of “decentralization” in an industry controlled by cartels and influential figures.

Promoting Financial Exploitation
In the outbreak, he described the cryptocurrency industry as a means of financial exploitation, defining the goal set to make profits more efficient for those at the top, while at the same time eliminating important security systems for the average investor, making them vulnerable.

Cryptocurrency has seized on the worst elements of the capitalist system and, according to Palmer, used software to limit interventions such as taxes, regulations and controls that act as a security system for average investors.

Crypto Twitter Answers
Clearly, there was a sharp reaction to Palmer’s comment, with some prominent members of the cryptocurrency community sharing his comments. User Cryptoparadyme defended the technology, saying the code and programmers have no policies. In his view, bitcoin is apolitical and only reliably tracks records.

Michael Malis, author of “dear reader”and” the anarchist handbook, “called Palmer’s rant against cryptocurrency “a Strange endorsement of cryptocurrency.” Robert Leshner, CEO of compound F

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