Twitter calls former developer zcash & # 39; head of decentralized social network Bluesky

On Twitter, former main Zcash developer Jay Graber will head BlueSky, while Project CEO Jack Dorsey said he would”develop an open and decentralized standard for social media.”;

Dorsey invited Graber to the role via his central social network Twitter this morning. 

January, Graber wrote an ecosystem review that included members of Protocol Labs working specifically on the InterPlanetary File System and Filecoin network Dec. 

In October of Ipfs and other decentralized protocols, the document looked at specific tokens, such as The Brave browser Basic Attention Token. Although a review of the ecosystem provides some clues about possible indications of Bluesky, it is not clear whether the product will contain labeled items.

Jay will direct @BlueSky!

It’s another step toward decentralizing Twitter and social media.

Now we can work much faster and with code.

– Jack (@jack) August 16, 2021

Graber told decrypt in January that he contacted Bluesky after creating a centralized event site that takes place in 2019, “with the intention of repeating UX to get user approval and then decentralize it.”; 

However, “didn’t make significant progress before the start of a pandemic, so I put it away, and to inform the process of Bluesky and decentralized social ecosystem to create a resource for other builders who went to space, I asked him to write a comprehensive report on.”;

Twitter was clearly impressed by its research.

Jack Dorsey Attracts Crypto Veterans To Help Develop Decentralized Twitter
First thing Graber is building a team that can “develop and implement technologies for open and decentralized public calls,” according to the bluesky website.”Twitter and Facebook are perfect for their roles as speech moderators, after well-known accounts such as former President Donald Trump’s account were banned.

“I lo

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