Tunisian minister says he plans to 'decriminalize' buying Bitcoin

Tunisia has become the latest African country to show its readiness to adopt digital assets, following reports that Tanzanian President Samia Hassan has asked his finance chief to explore cryptocurrencies. According to comments attributed to Tunisian economy minister Ali Kooli, the North African state will soon decriminalize buying bitcoin. This comes after the recently reported arrest of a 17-year-old crypto user. According to reports, Minister Kooli said he wanted to decriminalize buying bitcoin to avoid another Tunisian teenager being jailed. This violates the country's vague cryptocurrency regulations. In a recent TV interview, he said: I will change the law, we cannot jail a Tunisian teenager for buying bitcoin. The government official's comments follow recent Tunisian reports of a 17-year-old crypto user being arrested by law enforcement. After the teens were arrested on suspicion of money laundering, in light of the lack of clear crypto laws in the country, some members of the Tunisian blockchain community have rejected the government's crackdown. Also, crypto enthusiasts and sympathizers on social media started a movement condemning the arrest of the crypto user. Meanwhile, Minister Kooli has become the latest Tunisian official to adopt crypto with these comments. In 2020, Tunisian Central Bank chief Marouane Abbasi said the country should monitor bitcoin and prepare to actively monitor its use cases. What do you think of Tunisia's plan to decriminalize bitcoin? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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