Tron (TRX) Rising: Because of Justin Sun?

Justin Sun, founder of Tron Network, is known for using public relations tactics to get buzz and attention within the blockchain community. Whether interest or not, it reflects the total price of TRON or BitTorrent, which he bought at $ 136 and is currently worth over $ 4.95 billion. In 2021, TRX broke the previous all-time high in 2018. TRX rose 26.24% to set a new record of $ 0.1398 for another 5.98% rally. Currently, TRX ranks 17th with a market value of $ 7.8 billion. With TRON, Bittorrent gained momentum in the crypto space; Some are wondering if this is just a new promotional tool, or whether networks see the implementation of new developments. Recent Developments in the TRON Network The TRON Network is a blockchain platform that aims to transform entertainment and media applications. It uses smart contracts similar to Ethereum, but differs in terms of protocols and governance. Recent blockchain developments have created new opportunities for TRON to move away from Ethereum with the restrictions that Justin Sun has always mentioned a lot. DeFis are new developments in the blockchain space that are changing the market perception. Justin Sun is an enthusiastic early adopter and solidified his position many times over. His relationship with DeFi precedes the explosion in 2020. In 2020, JustSwap, a decentralized financing protocol built on the TRON network, was launched. Sun spoke about "all in one" at DeFi and is increasingly involved in future projects such as Uniswap. However, Sun has invested more in Ethereum DeFi projects by keeping JustSwap a little high and dry. The data show that Sun has invested more than $ 1.6 billion in DeFi projects alone. A giant leap in NFT Recently, TRON announced the development of NFT funds in the network after Sun sent a letter to the TRON Foundation. It pointed to the growth of the market and a trend that appears to be permanent. Unlike other NFT funds, TRON Read more

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