Tradingview meets with’ record high ‘ Bitcoin and stock market Tarot Kaarten

Bitcoin and the stock market have surpassed pop culture in the past year and have entered the world of memes and the mainstream entirely.

What began as a prank on April 1 at the start of the year has since turned into a dream that has become a reality for this secretive and unorthodox worshipper. TradingView has shared a bundle of finance-focused, all-time limited edition tarot cards that we now have the opportunity to review. Here’s a practical look at the most unique tarot cards the trading community has ever seen.

TradingView Sends NewsBTC Team To New Record Highs
TradingView is a factor-free technical analysis software used in the cryptocurrency industry. In traditional finance, it’s not uncommon to see projects like Thomas Demark’s Bloomberg Terminal, Optuma or Symbolik. But there is no doubt that when it comes to accessibility and easy-to-use tools that allow everyone to do technical analysis and start working, there is no touch-to-touch review of the trade.

Tradingview Charts like this one are easy to use / source: btcusd on
NewsBTC used tradingview graphics almost exclusively in content, so our curiosity was so excited by a very reliable April Fool’s joke that the company played earlier this year.

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A fake set of cryptocurrency and stock market themes-even Forex tarot cards were shown to the public, but unfortunately they weren’t really there. With much interest, TradingView made the joke a reality, and has since set a limited number of records to select “friends.”

The drawings have high resolution and mimic the appearance of traditional Tarot cards.
Bitcoin And Finance-Focused Tarot Cards Tap Into Mysterious Art
The tarot cards pictured above are versions of traditional tarot cards for the stock market, crypto or other areas of financing. There are also some special guest appearances, such as” Papa Elon “or” Papa Elon”.

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