Trader Lark Davis, Crypto Beginners Are Already Embarrassing Other Plans

Crypto influencer Lark Davis sheds light on a new hot altcoin that outperforms more experienced crypto ports. Davis takes a glance at the Avalanche smart contract platform (AVAX) to its 251,000 subscribers in a new video. The meteoric rise of the coin is rare, as CoinGecko points out that AVAX exploded around 900% to $ 27.85, which is lower than $ 2.8. “The Avalanche is one of the few cryptocurrencies launched in 2020 that can really reach the top coin rankings and is very impressive. You usually won't see such a big move for a newly launched coin. Davis said that Avalanche's founder, Dr. He states that it is run by an impressive team of crypto veterans, including Emin Gün Sirer. Stick to specific contracts that make the network suitable for a wide variety of traditional use of finance. “Among the specific use cases that Avalanche has developed to adapt are such things as special headers, preliminary litigation proposals. In fact, there are a number of lawsuits that investors can take – about $ 1 billion in litigation with Avalanche right now – this is an interesting use case as well as decentralized exchanges, synthetic assets, fixed currencies, prediction markets, stocks, bonds, debt. , real estate, the usual stuff … So we're mostly looking at something about the more traditional side of finance. “The crypto trader points out that Avalanche already has 1,800 tokenized assets on the blockchain; This is a huge number considering that the project has been in operation for less than a year. “Overall, Avalanche is a very, very interesting blockchain network. They built an incredible amount and built many other networks in a very short time. Read more

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