Trader Austin Arnold, Three Altcoins with Life-Changing Potential, Fast on the Way to Mass Acceptance

Crypto influencer and trader Austin Arnold announced a list of three altcoins with life-changing potential as they move towards mass adoption. In a new video, Arnold revealed for the first time the rival of Ethereum Cardano (ADA), which has formed impressive partnerships in Ethiopia and Tanzania. Arnold, the team behind Cardano in Ethiopia, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), says it plans to bring the decentralized identity solution Atala PRISM to 3,500 schools in the country, facilitating the identification process for five million. students. Cardano works in partnership with World Mobile Group to provide 100,000 rural residents with digital access to mobile internet, digital identity and financial solutions in Tanzania. Arnold was impressed by the team's ambitious plans and added that as the Cardano network grows globally, it approaches mass adoption. Next on the analyst list is the Rebase Token Benchmark Protocol (MARK). The Rebase token is designed as an entity unrelated to an elastic feed. The MARK token will likely remain the same price over time, but the number of tokens in circulation is constantly fluctuating. Arnold points out that MARK is an asset that offers stability in times of high volatility due to its function as a flexible hedging tool. “Benchmark says we need money when the world is confused. And we will need liquidity from something really unrelated … The DeFi (decentralized financing) field needs collateral that remains effective in times of high volatility and increases internal core liquidity. Benchmark will soon officially open the peer-to-peer marketplace by whitelisting popular assets such as PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Chainlink (LINK) on Ethereum and Binance. Additionally, Benchmark allows users to get in shape. on The Press platform where users can earn 200% or 300% annual percentage revenue (APY)

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