Track Money (The Magic Internet): How to Protect Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has a market cap of about $ 1 trillion, but this is a taboo topic you don't feel comfortable with. The worlds of digital finance, cryptocurrencies, and NFT form a complex rhythm of disinformation and sensationalism on the one hand, and a destructive world of disruptive innovation on the other. From celebrity endorsements and cultural movements to environmental copyrights and the threat of overturning entire state monetary systems, the possibilities for compensation are endless. The CoinDesk newsroom draws the curtain to reveal how we handle this fast-moving industry and shares our own learning lessons to avoid common pitfalls. Our reporters will lead a series of lightning conversations about crypto markets, regulations, trade and global adoption to give mainstream journalists a better understanding of this industry in a context they are familiar with. The Hurricane tour will be followed by a friendly AMA where we will freely answer your burning questions about the industry and its work. This webinar is an initiative of CoinDesk DEI. In our goal of strengthening diversity and inclusive voices in financial and technology media, we particularly welcome journalists from different communities and backgrounds.

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