TotemFi launches Mooncaster Initiative

The non-punitive, stock-based prediction market platform TotemFi has recently launched a new initiative to make pre-IDO token allocations more accessible to private crypto investors. TotemFi's new initiative, aptly named "Mooncaster," invites community members to predict which premier tokens will receive within the first 24 hours after launch. Estimates closest to the actual price achieved will be rewarded with an allocation in one of the project's pre-launch token sales cycles. Crypto Daily exclusive CEO Jolyon Layard Horsfall said, “We launched our Mooncaster Prediction Event Series for two reasons; First, we wanted to provide our community with a pathway to otherwise inaccessible pre-IDO token allocations, which would be a huge step in the right direction to make crypto token launches more attractive and fair for everyone. world. “The DeFi space behind their core proposition that users should be generously rewarded for accurate predictions is without penalty when they get it wrong. As such, their platform is designed to support both BTC and native TOTM. It provides rewards to users who are closest to predicting the future price of bitcoin, without penalizing those outside of the target: "We strongly believe in rewarding and encouraging accurate predictions about unknown and uncertain future events. Benefits; market analysis, risk assessments, and the Mooncaster series apply the same principles to the IDO space. and has proved to be very successful so far; TotemFi recently announced that its first strategic event partner will be Crypto's groundbreaking NFT Legends project and has just completed its SHOs.

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