Totaal Defi portefeuilles op Ethereum beats 3,000,000 mark

The dune Analytics Dashboard, created to track the total number of Defi users over time, showed that it has now exceeded 3,000,000. A dashboard created by user @rchen8 a year ago tracks the total number of unique addresses since the introduction of Defi. I’ve been tracking Defi wallets on Ethereum for over two years.

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The dashboard included the unique number of users on each Defi platform. These platforms include popular dEXes such as Uniswap, MakerDAO and aave. It shows an increase in the number of users on each platform in recent years. Since the platforms were launched.

Total number of Defi users over time exceeds 3 million / source: total number of Defi users over time in Dune Analytics
Rise of Defi over the years
A chart showing usage data shows steady growth and eventual Defi boom over the years. At the end of 2018, the numbers were not large and the level line showed that the number of Defi users is currently insignificant.

Dec began as a Telegram conversation between ethereum developers and entrepreneurs. The developers were Inge yo, Blake Henderson and Brendan Forster. They all work on famous projects like set Protocol, 0x and Dharma.

At this point, as in the early days, there was not much interest in decentralized finance. And what’s more, most people didn’t understand what it was or what it meant.

Defi’s total market capitalization is currently $ 59 billion / source: Defi’s crypto total market capitalization
In 2019, the chart shows that the number of active Defi addresses on Ethereum has begun to be calculated in the thousands. Decentralized funding is gaining popularity after the last bull market, which ended in 2018.

Fast forward to 2020 and more investors will come to Defi. So far, the number of users has reached hundreds of thousands.

The rise of the bull market in 2021 has prompted more investors to switch to decentralisation

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