Top Trader Says XRP Looks Great By Predicting Big Bangs for Two Altcoins

One of the most followed crypto traders on Twitter claims that Ripple's local presence XRP offers a great trading opportunity as it predicts breakouts in the other two altcoins. In a series of tweets, the fake analyst known as Kaleo posted his technical analysis for XRP, telling his 296,000 followers that the chart was on the rise. "I won't lie. XRP looks great." Source: Kaleo / Twitter Kaleo says it's time for crypto traders to start looking for opportunities again in Tron (TRX). According to him, the digital content platform is ready to take it higher. "It's time to return to TRX. I expect it to return to the next level, similar to what we saw XRP earlier today. Source: Kaleo / Twitter, Kaleo, with TRX providing support for a massive increase, Kaleo / Twitter Tron's Bitcoin ( The Almost Four-Year Time (HTF) Epidemic I still believe it's only a matter of time before this ship goes on board. Source: Kaleo / Twitter A closely followed trader, Terra's (LUNA) Bitcoin's He said he looked ready to jump out of an accumulation zone of around $ 15.00 to reach new peaks when the correction is over. “LUNA / USD is still accumulating at the lower end of the range after BTC approaches its price. I'm looking for something like this here.Source: Kaleo / Twitter Kaleo, further consolidation in the coming weeks before LUNA / BTC takes the long-awaited step towards records. He adds that the limit is expected. “LUNA continues to consolidate firmly against BTC. Another week or two in this drama, and finally this should be the step we've all been waiting for. Source: Kaleo / Twitter Don't Miss a Rhythm – Subscribe to receive crypto email alerts straight to your inbox. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram S.

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