Top trader Michaël van de Poppe says Bitcoin will break $ 300,000 in this cycle – here's why

Well-known crypto trader and strategist Michaël van de Poppe announced his bold Bitcoin prediction. Van de Poppe discusses the tide of the crypto bull cycle in a new video and explains why it is such a dangerous time to bet on a bear market right now. "If you want to bet on a bear market, you're betting on something that doesn't happen that often. When you do that, you're betting against the general market trend … I'm sure we're in a bullish cycle and playing in the bear market is a very complicated thing … especially one with the US dollar. The market loses value over time … I think the bet you want to participate is crypto and I think the bet is that you want to be included in altcoins … "Van de Poppe explains this because the US dollar is depreciating and institutional, the money flows from the flagship cryptocurrency moving away from their offers, the bull market will continue to rise and will increase the price of BTC to six digits to buy Bitcoin. For example, this week we asked Coinbase to accept PayPal orders. Bitcoin … The more this is, the more severe the supply shock for Bitcoin will be, which means there will be a lot of demand to raise the p rix as there is less supply in the market right now. The amount of Bitcoin drops sharply as they enter hardware wallets and investment purposes. Are we heading towards $ 300,000 or $ 500,000 with Bitcoin? I think we'll see because if you look at the value of gold at this point, it's around $ 12 trillion. If you calculate this for Bitcoin at this point, the amount we will get is already around $ 500,000. So if we want to beat Bitcoin in this cycle, I think it will be over $ 250,000 and close to $ 350,000 and $ 450,000, and I think it will be even longer this year. I think we will have bigger side periods. "Van de Poppe thinks too

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