Top stock market icons show various movements in the current market awakening

The broader ecosystem of digital currencies is experiencing a gradual awakening, with bitcoin (BTC) slowly gaining a small gain of $ 1.31 to $ 47,179.75 after decoupling losses for much of the weekend. The main fluctuation in the list of top altcoins is Cardano (ADA), which contributes to initial strength growth and now ranks third among cryptocurrencies in terms of market decency.

At the time of writing, the island was up 5.79 per cent to $ 2.16, including a market capitalisation of $ 69,329, 870, 381. Against this background, the capitalization of the world kriptorynka increased by 0.86% to $ 1.97 trillion and is on track to retest the benchmark of $ 2 trillion. At the time of this launch, here’s how the top three change tokens are working right now;

Money Binance (BNB)
Binance Coin (BNB) is waging a battle for volatility between bulls and bears as previous earnings decelerate amid unwanted sales. BNB has downgraded its position as a result of the ongoing Cardano rally, and despite its current daily growth of 2.61%, its price of $ 406.23 is still below a 30-day high of $ 418.92.

Bnbusdt (Binance) daily chart. Source: TradingView
The Daily BnB / USDT chart shows that the Binance currency has taken a big step towards continuing its upward trend starting on July 20, overcoming key resistance. While the RSI indicator flashes an “overbought” signal that could result in a slight pullback, the overall trend could still be supported by market bulls for several days.

While the $ 690 hurdle is overly ambitious, the ecosystem and investor sentiment around the Binance currency could push the price above the $ 420 threshold in the short to medium term.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is a leading decentralized exchange operating on the ethereum blockchain. While Ethereum blockchain issues were expected to affect uni’s price, the high liquidity of the protocol continued to increase the relevance and scope of the tokens.

Protocol brought in about $ 1.02 billion in foreign exchange spending

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