Top five cheap crypto assets on Binance according to trader Lark Davis

Crypto trader and stock investor Lark Davis said he is currently watching five cheap altcoins on Binance, and two of them will reach unicorn status. Despite costing only $ 0.33, Polygon, the first alternative currency on its list, has a high market value of $ 1.8 billion. "Despite its high market value, I think it is currently a currency with serious potential that the market as a whole cannot really understand at this point." Davis says Polygon has a larger ecosystem than other blockchains with larger market share, and cites several upcoming integrations as reasons why Polygon believes its value will increase. Next on his list is Injection Protocol (INJ), which Davis calls "the beast." Injective, which is still in the testing phase, offers transactions without gas costs thanks to Layer Two technology. Injective also offers derivative transactions, including futures contracts. It expects Injective to reach unicorn status (market capitalization of $ 1 billion) after the release of the net principal. Davis is also optimistic about Marlin (POND). The high-performance zero-layer blockchain network aims to provide high-quality Decentralized Finance (DeFi) infrastructure. "Think of it as a high octane gas that they can use to improve work." Number four on the list is Kava, which Davis says is an underestimated yet powerful DeFi protocol. Kava allows investors to borrow, borrow, earn and trade at low cost on its platform. It also markets a new range of products. Davis, who has been on the rise in kava for a long time, believes it will be a billion dollar crypto asset. The last on the list is Open Ocean (OOE). It's still in the token sale phase, but it's in Davis' top five on the list because Binance is a leading investor. "Binance almost always lists the coins they invested in." Open Ocean is an aggregator that works through centralized trading services to find the best prices and lowest possible slip on the market. I am missing Read more

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