Top Analyst Says Invested In An Untapped Altcoin Amid Crypto Fix

Altcoin Daily host and crypto analyst Aaron Arnold is bringing up a new altcoin that is not on the agenda as the crypto markets continue to correct and Bitcoin is trading around $35,000. Arnold says in a new video that he has invested in his 848,000 subscribers in the decentralized financial (DeFi) protocol Formation Finance (FORM). Formation FI is a cross-chain DeFi platform that optimizes the search for suitable risk-reward ratios for return-enhancing opportunities in the crypto space. The crypto phenom states that Formation FI is entering a sector of the hugely popular crypto space, having an impressive launch on the DAO Maker launchpad and powered by the top layer 2 scaling solution Polygon (MATIC). “Formation Finance, (FORM)… Smart farming 2.0… Even if you don't like DeFi, even if you think DeFi isn't something to write home about, I hope you understand that everyone is genuinely interested in DeFi and efficiency. hunting or yield farming. They broke some records in the DAO Maker's Strong Holder Offer, and on top of that – the reason I find them interesting is because they're backed by some big names, Polygon, a lot of venture capital firms…” Arnold, Formation FI's attempt to automate the Yield hunting process, investing right now It's the kind of crypto project he's interested in doing. “In a world where there is so much profit chasing, everyone is trying to find the best yield, take a mathematical approach and really make DeFi blocks a one stop spotlight… This is a new project I've invested in… I'm just saying this is something I'm looking at.” As for projects Arnold is interested in in the long term, he cites a recent Altcoin Daily tweet where they featured three coins that traders are confident will hold up during this bull cycle and beyond. #Bitcoin Hodl position. #Ethereum loop location. #Cardano summer mode. What else do you need? — Altcoin Daily (@AltcoinDail)

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