Top 3 US Banks Now Offering Crypto Futures Trading, Will Other Banks Follow Soon?

Despite repeated calls for a lack of regulatory clarity in the US, the largest banks are already offering cryptocurrency-related services. As reported by Bloomberg, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Morgan Stanley offer crypto futures to their clients. This comes at a time when banks in China, the second largest economy, are restricting all crypto-related offerings. Heavyweights in U.S. Banking Ride on the Crypto Bandwagon Over the past year, the pace of adoption of digital assets has resulted in a board-wide shift in customer demand. At the request of customers, a number of banks in the US and around the world are starting to explore ways to offer crypto services, even though many of the potential proposed offerings have been overshadowed by regulations. At least that's what Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon claimed in a congressional testimony earlier this month. “We are deleting bitcoin futures,” he said. “We advise clients, particularly institutions and high-net-worth individuals interested in exposure, although they often go elsewhere to take these risks.” Currently, only Bank of America offers crypto futures deals in addition to the three major banks. However, Morgan Stanley has expanded its reach by providing crypto products to its wealthy clients, according to Bloomberg's charts, as shown below. Do other banks also get billed to follow suit? The turn of the century 2021 has given access to an increasing number of institutional demands for Bitcoin and other digital assets. As Goldman's boss pointed out, customers tend to look for the services they want in places that offer them, a situation that most banks don't want to experience. Some of the banks adopting crypto futures today, including Goldman Sachs, once spoke negatively about the crypto ecosystem. Time has changed the perception of this banking giant and UBS's crypto-se-

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