Toonaangevende Avrupa uitwisseling eurex te lanseren Bitcoin Etn Futures

The exchange-traded bonds, which have Bitcoin-based financial derivatives (ETN), will be available to European investors on September 13, 2021. Leading derivatives exchange Eurex announced this investment product through its website.

We are delighted to announce the launch of # Bitcoin etn # futures. As an extension of ETN successfully traded on @Xetra, the new contract gives customers access to the price of bitcoin in a regulated exchange and centrally cleared environment.

– Eurex (@EurexGroup)August 20, 2021

Deutsche Börse Group’s financial titan derivatives division will give its customers access to bitcoin. The product will be the first BTC-based derivative product in Europe and will suit the region’s “centrally cleared environment.”

ETN will follow the btcetc cryptocurrency, which is listed on the Bitcoin Exchange, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, according to an official report. The product is one of the best-selling ETNs and ETFs on the platform since June 2020.

The futures contract will be traded in Euros and physically backed, and bitcoin will be delivered to ETN, the exchange platform announced. Investors can therefore take advantage of running BTCS, avoid the complexity of storage and trade on a regulated exchange.

This setup allows investors to monitor bitcoin price dynamics in a fully regulated exchange environment and based on the transparent price definition of the underlying ETN. Both the underlying ETN and futures are traded, cleared and calculated based on the proven infrastructure of Deutsche Börse Group.

The Platform will provide customers with clearing, clarification and risk management processes. This allows them to take advantage of less risk for counterparties and optimize operating expenses. Eurex board member Randolph Roth said::::

There is considerable demand from institutional investors to place Bitcoin in a secure and regulated environment. We’re happy to be the first in regulation

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