Token StorX (SRX) nu Vermeld op crypto exchange Bitrue

StorX (SRX) is now available on the bitrue crypto exchange. Bitrue-first major list of CRYPTOBIRZH SRX. This icon attracts many crypto investors on the first day of trading.

Bitrue is a progressive cryptocurrency exchange platform that aims to deliver the most reliable crypto asset management services in a simple, effective and secure way. This SRX list in Bitrue crypto exchange will give users the opportunity to use Storx.

StorX is a decentralized cloud storage network that allows users to securely store their data in the cloud. The file uploaded to storx is divided into multiple elements and encrypted for offline storage nodes. In fact, they are managed by individual operators around the world who rent free disk space to develop a decentralized network of storage nodes used to store data.

In October, storage hosts are rewarded with SRX tokens for leasing disk space to those who need it. StorX can be considered the best cloud storage for those who need disk space. Also for those who want to rent unused disk space together.

Users can also become node farmers on the StorX network and contribute to the new decentralized, secure and affordable internet. Farmers can use srx tokens as part of the strike requirements of farm nodes. Tokens can be obtained through exchanges or by contacting friends. The minimum and maximum number of SRX tokens to be refunded is 1000 and 1,000,000, respectively. Users can be rewarded for their efforts and investments by receiving srx tokens.

Specifically, SRX is a utility of xrc20 tokens of the XinFin blockchain token. According to XDC network Explorer, there are currently 535 SRX token holders. The SRX contains a total of 500 million SRX tokens.

The price of the SRX increased by more than 152% within minutes of being placed. According to BITRUE data, SRX is trading at $ 0.27 with 24-hour trading volume of $ 39,095.35 (163,786 4999 SRX). SRX pri

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