TikTok mixes with Ethereum, uses audio as its first music streaming partner

Audio’s streaming music service isn’t exactly like SoundCloud or Spotify: it’s a completely decentralized service built on a blockchain network, rather than relying on centralized servers and oversight. Now, it’s also the first streaming service to work with the hugely popular social media service TikTok to make it easier for artists to put their music into practice.

Audius was selected as one of TikTok’s first partners for its audio set functionality, which allows seamless streaming of songs in a video-driven app. This feature allows artists who stream their songs to audio to include them in the videos of TikTok users, potentially opening them up to a very large audience.

According to TikTok, as of October 2020, there were 732 million monthly active users in the world, and this latest official figure will continue to increase amid an ongoing pandemic; Audius estimates that the number of TikTok users is more than a billion. In July, TikTok said 75% of U.S. users use the app as a tool to discover new music.

“The workflow to get songs to TikTok is pretty cumbersome today,” said Roneil Rumburg, co-founder and CEO of audio. “To avoid this, some artists even resort to squeezing their phones into laptop speakers to overwrite the sound for tiktok. Thanks to audio’s integration, artists with content in audio can transfer it to TikTok with a single click.”

Audius TikTok integration announcement!

Now you can share your songs directly from the audio in TikTok!

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Official tik Tok → https://t.co/mP0BKOjzRV pic.twitter.com/3ydBQq3GzL

– Audius $ audio (@AudiusProject) August 16, 2021

There are over 100,000 artists on the Audius platform and include the most independent and up-and-coming artists, as well as a number of well-known bands and artists-skrillex, Weezer, deadmau5, way up and link

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