Tidal Finance and EasyFi Offer Multiple Insurance in Tier 2 DeFi Ecosystem

Tidal Finance and EasyFi announced a strategic partnership that will focus on providing insurance in EasyFi's digital asset lending protocol. Insurance Coverage for All Users As DeFi is currently in an evolving stage, it is vulnerable to hackers, attacks, and the risk of losing users' money, and requires establishing a protocol to reduce the risk of these events. Collaboration gives EasyFi the ability to provide multi-layered assurance to all users and projects under its wing. Additionally, the partnership with Tidal Finance significantly improves the mitigation capabilities of multi-chain protocols and their users. Collaboration has to offer Collaboration between Tidal Finance and EasyFi will offer several advantages. It will provide insurance coverage for EasyFi's multi-channel protocol, providing micro-credit services and more secure credit delegation. EasyFi users will be able to choose risk pools based on their risk appetite. Users will be able to filter assets and coverage terms (coverage period, premium) and adjust their insurance needs to protect their investments. A summary of the EasyFi smart contract partnership will be insured against vulnerabilities and outages in the future. EasyFi is security protected, and Tidal Finance's insurance coverage to secure digital assets is filed by users for credit. EasyFi can explore and integrate a deeper integration of liquidity pools and include a variety of metrics such as loss of principal risk, lockout time, and return on paid-in capital. This allows EasyFi to evaluate the returns and risks in various liquidity pools. Working for the Best Interest of Users and Community Members EasyFi is committed to working and taking into account the interests of the community and its Lending Protocols users. Partnership, protocol, liquidity pools,

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