Three ways to take advantage of the growing Polkadot ecosystem

The split blockchain Polkadot recently allowed languages after the next parachute tenders joined the experimental Kusama network. But if the crypto community is holding its breath, waiting for candidates to announce themselves, it’s worth remembering that Polkadot is already alive and working on its own.

Dr. By Gavin Wood G. founded by Polkadot, it has long been touted as a viable competitor to the world’s most famous smart contract network, as a result of its advanced infrastructure, decadent developer community and promise of true compatibility between applications running in separate chains.

Already ranked in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization (DOT), the platform has been established for five years and aims to support a global network of compatible parachutes and parapots to ultimately interact seamlessly with each other. In the near future, logging into Polkadot can be an easy task for smart developers, both in terms of cost and performance.

But it’s all for the future. Polkadot’s thriving ecosystem here and now is such that users can take advantage of a variety of opportunities, whether their interests are related to commerce, gaming, construction, privacy or the Internet of things. Here are three ways to use the polkadot blockchain now.

Make a point of making a profit

Because Polkadot uses a designated participation share validation algorithm (NPO), deployment is an integral part of network security. In Direct strike, you can be a candidate tasked with nominating validator candidates that you trust to help you get DOT awards, or a validator who verifies evidence from validators and agrees with other validators.

If nominated directly to Polkadot, a minimum of 80 DOT tokens are required – just over $ 2,000 at current prices. However, as there are no more than 22,500 candidates, having enough DOT tokens doesn’t actually guarantee you a betting area.

Setting the verifier node to Polkadot is a bit more

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