Thorchain trolled by hacker after two successful seven-figure exploits

Thorchain, a popular Defi protocol, has been intercepted twice in the past two weeks, resulting in losses of more than $ 10 million. The hacker responsible for the latest abuse left a message stating the measures to be taken to protect users.

Hacker returns to stage to lecture on security
In a further blow to the Thorchain protocol, the Defi network was the victim of another hack after the equivalent of 4000 ethereum (ETH) was stolen just a few days earlier. Thorchain, which has an automated market maker (AMM) and a decentralized exchange (DeX), is now known for its liquidity Association, which has a total value of $ 101.75 million.

This time the attack was against the contract of the ETH router, which targeted the thorchain bifrost component, causing the protocol to lose more than $ 8 million. According to the hacker, the vulnerability was known during the latest attack and was allegedly completely preventable.

When using Solidity, the ethereum smart contract coding language used in the protocol, programmers advise developers not to use certain coding techniques to transfer money. However, this was reportedly overlooked by the team in charge, leading to a problem in the contract code of the protocol’s own Runic token.

The hacker behind the abuse was in no hurry to leave the scene of the crime. Instead, the attacker left a message that effectively violated protocol. At the entrance to TX, The hacker pointed out the following:

The Hacker explained all the steps needed to take advantage of the exploit, highlighting the protocol’s failure to award bonuses and its decision to use auditors to validate the code that currently oversees nine-digit TVL. While protocol developers initially thought the hack cost only $ 800,000 and was the work of a whitehat hacker, in fact the following amounts were stolen:

966.620 ACLX
20 866 664,530 XRUNE
$ 1,672, 794, 010
56.104. 000 sushi
6,910 YFI

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