This video from a wild WeWork party shows the moment a bottle is thrown at former CEO Adam Neumann’s glass office

Screenshot from a video shows the moment a WeWork employee hurls a bottle through a window at company headquarters.
Elliot Brown/Wall Street Journal

Video shows a glass bottle hurled through WeWork’s headquarters during a rowdy company party.
Former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann encouraged a constant hustle – and party – culture.
A WeWork representative claimed the incident was an accident.
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Former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann and other employees threw bottles of alcohol through the company headquarters’ glass walls during one of the company’s many debaucherous parties, according to a video posted on Twitter by Eliot Brown, author of "The Cult of We."
In the video, people can be heard whooping and laughing after a bottle hurls through Neumann’s office wall, shattering the glass.
-Eliot Brown (@eliotwb) July 21, 2021
Prior to the video, Neumann had sent a bottle of tequila flying through another wall before other employees followed suit, according to Brown. A WeWork representative told Insider’s Meghan Morris that the broken windows incident was an accident and that the glass shards were cleaned up by the morning.
Wild parties like this were a quasi-compulsory part of WeWork’s company culture, where meetings were fueled with tequila shots and company retreats brimmed with the sounds of employees having sex.
WeWork, originally an office space provider that morphed into a tech company that tried to expand into everything from education to housing, saw a spectacular rise and fall, shepherded along the way by the erratic and larger-than-life Neumann. The company expanded to over 10,000 employees and raked in billions in funding, until the company filed for an initial public offering. After its failed IPO, the company’s valuation fell by 75% and Neumann was ousted from his position. His total payout from his time at the company was millions more than previously known, according to the book.

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