This is when a significant level will trigger Bitcoin's next big breakout, analyst Justin Bennet said.

Crypto analyst Justin Bennet is trying to decipher when Bitcoin and crypto markets in general will survive their recent hard corrections. In a new strategy session, Bennet claims that the entire crypto market follows Bitcoin and is looking for signals of the world's largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization after the market crash. Everything follows him now. If bitcoin falls further, everything goes down. When bitcoin accumulates, it all comes together. They have always been associated with each other, but now the fear is rising, they are truly connected. The analyst is closely watching the range of $ 42,000 – $ 43,000 for Bitcoin, the next big level to be taken for another milestone. If BTC could break the range, $ 47,000 would probably be the next level to claim that Bennet admits maybe at $ 28,000 or $ 25,000, even though there is a lower push below $ 30,000 on cards. Not that the bull market is over. According to the analyst, Bitcoin's current behavior is reminiscent of 2013, according to the analyst. Just before igniting for a 2,000% rally. "I don't believe the bull market is over. What is happening now is at least similar to 2013. During the 2013 bull run, Bitcoin fell 81% before going above 2000. Towards the end of the bull market, it rose by 2000%." I don't think we'll see it, but I think a major rally by August / September seems likely. "Other senior analysts have also suggested that the current correction in the crypto markets. By necessity point out that the bull run is over and a major rally is still underway. Analyst, back to the flow He closely followed PlanB, who is known to be the first to apply the (S2F) model to Bitcoin, and doubled the price of the model, despite the ongoing market correction at $ 288,000 forecast for this cycle. "I think we are in the middle of [the current bull cycle]. I'm very data driven so I'm not making this up, but I've read the data …

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