This is what happens when you recharge your phone at 200W

Smartphone battery charging speeds have increased dramatically in recent years, with various companies pushing the envelope on what’s possible on phones and challenging each other in the process. Apple might not be comfortable raising the iPhone’s battery charging speed over 20W, but a Chinese phone maker has just announced its HyperCharge 200W fast-charging battery technology that recharges a phone with a 4,000 mAh battery in about 8 minutes.

Decreasing the time it takes to fill up a battery is one way to deal with the battery limitations smartphone makers have to deal with. The average battery capacity can’t grow significantly from year to year, but the phones are more and more sophisticated, packing components that might eat up more energy than before. Rather than increase the thickness of devices, some smartphone vendors might be looking to reduce the time it takes to recharge the phone. That’s one way to deal with battery size problems. OnePlus has increased battery charging speeds in the past few years and initially used the faster technology to excuse the lack of wireless charging on its handsets.

Utilizing the fastest charging speed often has a nasty side-effect. It can hasten battery degradation, so battery health would depreciate faster. That might be the kind of compromise that some smartphone power users are ready to make. But people who want to hold on to their devices for several years might not appreciate having to worry about battery health caused by the increased charging rate. With that in mind, Xiaomi just explained what happens if you charge your phone at 200W frequently.

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