This is how Superapp Quppy will cause another wave of corruption

The Covid-19 pandemic may be one of the most important events of the twenty-first century. Its effects could be felt in the years to come, as it could be an important catalyst for the digitization of the global economy. For anyone who has experienced it, indeed for the entire world, it was more than a cumbersome experience; It was a complete change in everyone's life. Gradually, businesses and services began to shut down. Amidst the chaos, an opportunity arose for specific industries and solutions for people trying to adapt to this new world. There is a growing demand for payments and financial digital solutions, as documented by numerous reports, including leading consulting and audit firm Deloitte's strategies for understanding and coping with the pandemic. The same reports report the convergence of trends across multiple sectors, creating a window to meet this demand in emerging economies and large populated areas living outside the legal financial system. Quppy, a European fintech startup funded in 2017, is meeting the requirements to fill this gap. This financial solution aims to be an all-in-one contactless Super App that gives users access to various services based on digital and traditional funds. In 2020, many countries have seen physical cooking systems converge with shops and businesses. Many remained in limbo, and a surface-moving problem deepened. Quppy is designed to significantly improve the user's financial experience. Thus, the apps have integrated features that allow their users to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. Quppy is one of the first working applications to work as a Service solution within the Bank. Quppy's instant mobile downloads in crypto and fiat currencies have been and continue to be an invaluable tool for its users during the Covid-19 lockdown measures. This feature allows them to stay in touch with their families, send and receive financial support.

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