This is how JOTA Dex & # 39; wants to deliver a unique & # 39; Defi experience

Iota experienced one of the most significant milestones since its inception, on April 29, the chrysalis network went off the air. Measures have been implemented for efficiency, security and scalability. As developers work on the next big event, Coordicide, an iota-based ecosystem, continues to grow.

As part of Chrysalis, new dApps found their way into the network. These include tangleswap, a decentralized exchange (Dec) in IOTA that tries to implement Defi and combine it with the most unique features of the network.

The team behind this protocol has been working with iota since 2017. Over the years, they planned to develop the network and encourage its expansion. According to tangleswap’s official Twitter page, they said:

( … we knew that when the time came, we would want to develop and provide better tools to enable the ecosystem and community to grow quickly, safely and powerfully.

In the coming months, this team gave Jota users, hodlers, buyers the opportunity to exchange and exchange tokens at low cost. Moreover, this will work with fees close to “free possible,” a feature unavailable from competitors such as DEX, uniswap, SushiSwap and others.

The Ethereum network still hosts some of the largest Defi protocols with a total value of billions of dollars (TVL). However, the high cost and workload allowed competitors in other blockchains to thrive.

TangleSwap, as its name suggests, will use Jota’s entanglement technology. This will allow users to take advantage of automated transactions and have more control over their operations without the restrictions imposed by high transaction costs.

This means you can trade as often as you want, almost unlimited. It’s a feature that seems particularly attractive to those who want to automate their operations, but is hampered by unstoppable gas costs.

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