• This drug might block the coronavirus without any pills or injections

    A team of researchers from Ohio State University has developed tiny protein fragments that can block the novel coronavirus from infecting cells, and it could be turned into a potential COVID-19 treatment that can be administered by anyone.
    Much like neutralizing antibodies resulting from a coronavirus infection or vaccination, the peptides bind to the spike protein, preventing the virus from hooking up to ACE2 receptors and infecting cells.
    The peptides could be used to develop a nasal spray that would stop the virus from infecting cells in the nasal cavity and in the lungs, as well as other drugs that could block the virus’s spike protein.
    The novel coronavirus vaccines authorized for emergency use right now have the same goal, and they work similarly, regardless of the underlying technology. Vaccines have to prevent severe COVID-19 and death, and Phase 3 trials have shown that various drugs can do that with various degrees of efficacy. But that means a vaccinated individual can still contract the virus. The coronavirus can still replicate inside the nose and attempt to bind to lung cells. But the vaccine will train the immune system to block the virus from infecting cells, which would reduce the pathogen’s ability to harm the body. The vaccines target the virus’s spike protein, teaching the immune system to mass-produce neutralizing antibodies that can prevent it from linking to ACE2 receptors on cells.

    Vaccines can be adapted to deal with new mutations, as is the case with the flu vaccine that gets refreshed each year. But if this new nasal spray works as well as the researchers claim, there might be other ways of stopping the virus from doing damage to your body.

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