These Ethereum Indicators Show That Whales Continue To Accumulate

According to the chain’s analysis, some ethereum indicators show signals that whales are continuing to accumulate cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Shows Negative Net Outflows As Currency Reserves Continue Downward Trend

As noted in cryptokuant’s message, ETH indicators appear to be moving in directions indicating that whales continue to accumulate.

Here are three main statistics to consider: the net flow of all exchanges, the reserve of all exchanges, and the unique number of investors of ethereum 2.0.

The net flow of all exchanges is an indicator of the amount of net ETH entering or leaving Central exchanges.

When the indicator has a negative value, this means that more coins are transferred from the exchange to the crypto than they are into personal wallets. This value can indicate the pressure on buyers in the Sunday if more investors are interested in hodling or over-the-counter transactions.

A positive value indicates the opposite; exchanges receive more Ethereum than the amount directed outward, and therefore there may be selling pressure in the market.

The NetFlow chart of all ETH exchanges looks like this:

Ethereum continues to observe negative net flows

As you can see from the chart above, the indicator has been showing negative peaks for the cryptocurrency recently. Negative net flows are often associated with rising prices, as there is currently an upward trend in crypto.

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The next indicator is the reserve of all exchanges, which shows the total amount of ETH available in exchange investment portfolios. The increase in this value means that more ETH is being transferred to exchanges for sale purposes. Similarly, the decline means more investors are willing to put their money in personal wallets.

Below is the reserve table of all ethereum Exchanges:

Reserve of all ethereum Exchanges continues downward trend

The value of this indicator appears to have fallen in recent months. Forcing trend

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