• There might be a whole bunch of Earths in our galaxy

    Scientists believe there are some very basic things that are required for a planet to support life, including water and an atmosphere. 
    We’ve yet to spot a planet that looks like Earth, with continents, water, and, of course, life.
    New research from the University of Copenhagen suggests that planets like Earth might actually be abundant in our home galaxy the Milky Way.
    Finding life in space isn’t easy or we’d probably have done it already. So far, we know that Earth has life and, well, that’s about it. As far as what it takes to support life, researchers are somewhat mixed, but most agree that liquid water and an atmosphere are two of the vital prerequisites, but how many planets actually have those things?

    A new study published in Science Advances attempted to answer that question, with researchers simulating the formation of planets based on what we think we know about how Earth and other worlds in our solar system were born. Based on the simulations and a few assumptions about what kind of material orbits the stars in the Milky Way, the researchers believe that Earth may be just one of many planets in our galaxy with continents and liquid water, which means there’s a good chance for life elsewhere in our galactic neighborhood.

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