The XRP case: will speculation about the calculations push the price of XRP to new heights?

The ripple letter, aimed at decrying the expositions, has filled the crypto community with speculation about the settlements between the SEC and Ripple. However, this deal could benefit from the current XRP price of $ 1.04 in the near future.

The token price dropped drastically at the start of the year due to a lawsuit and the subsequent removal of the exchanges. In lieu of an ongoing lawsuit, US crypto exchanges failed to offer XRP on their platforms. But a possible solution could also pave the way for re-inclusion on the list.

Positive emotions in the news could trigger the rise of XRP
The case has been going on for 8 months with no possible outcome, but has also led to XRP fluctuating and falling. Therefore, positive market sentiment and the outlook for litigation will have a potential bullish effect on the price of XRP.

Source: TradingView
Ripple is currently carrying more weight in the XRP case against the SEC, the defendant said. after reaching a settlement, Ripple offers the SEC a valuable exit and also provides public support for the XRP position against the plaintiff.

Why did the proposal to close the colonization cause speculation?
Ripple’s closing petition, mainly thanks to Hinman’s testimony documents, sparked speculation about reconciliation. Ripple suggested sealing portions of the transcript of William Hinman’s testimony, which was necessary for Ripple to win the case.

Ripple’s efforts to protect the Sec officials cited in the lawsuit have sparked rumors of a settlement. However, Ripple still claims that the closing petition was intended to prevent the XRP lawsuit from becoming a simple trend plug. The defendants argue that the seal will uphold the American judge’s ideals of entertainment and the education of the common man.

“Any material that the parties are found to have exchanged within a mandatory process, not to educate or excite the process, but to facilitate regular preparation for the process,” the letter, which asked for the petition to be sealed, said.

DPP abuse by SEC
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