The world's first platform in the Web3 ecosystem that eliminates fraud and bridges the gap between users, developers and investors

The Web3 ecosystem is in its early stages and is constantly evolving with cutting-edge products and a growing number of innovators with a strong interest in blockchain exploration in general. But when we talk about the widespread adoption of web3, it somehow fails because of some major hurdles many of them face. For starters, if you've just started exploring the Dapp's of the crypto space, you'll likely encounter many sketchy and lucrative products that are too good to be true. Many people fall victim to such scams and lose thousands of dollars. Similarly, developers with innovative ideas don't get much support from investors in the form of community or financial validation. Therefore, we see that potential products are disappearing. The developers don't have a lot of connections in the industry that could potentially provide missing support. What if all this could be avoided? One way to do this is to bring users, developers, and investors together and then work together to solve this threat. One of the initiatives that want to do this is The Dapp List. Dapp List is ready to start a multi-chain ecosystem for web3 curation. They started their journey in 2020. Since then, they have experimented, designed, and strengthened by the community and experts to provide a solid approach to community governance backed by reputation mechanisms. Recently, Dapp List posted an introductory article on their blog that includes the basics of business, the challenges faced by users, developers, and investors in the web3 ecosystem, as well as a set of features to combat and prevent bad practices. view. By continuing the core idea of decentralization, Dapp List has developed an excellent solution that restores central fashion's fraud and embezzlement and revolutionizes user experience, developer support, and investor engagement. The most recent Login blog talked about a hunt and voting mechanism that rewards users for hunting and voting for dapps. Go on

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