• The Ubiquitously Digitizing Retail Environment

    The question is no longer about when the world will go digital – nowadays we’re asking whether the digital-first world will outlast the COVID-19 pandemic that created it. Consumers shop online, bank online, entertain themselves online and base their decisions on the digital services a firm will offer them. And the longer they do it and learn to like it, the more likely those changes will be permanent.


    $719M: Mercari’s annual sales in 2019.

    104M: Number of Americans who have become digital shifters as a result of the pandemic.

    100M: Size of TikTok’s American user base.

    70%: Estimated share of the banking market that will have RTP access by the end of its first year.

    31%: Share of younger consumers who would work with a firm because they provide voice-activated payment services.

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